Seton Hall: The curious case of Jordan “Jelly” Walker

Jelly, a name now almost as synonymous with basketball as it is with peanut butter, has taken the world by storm. A viral basketball movement that was started by Minnesota PG Isaiah Washington, starting the move because he was too short to dunk, consists of laying the ball in to the basket in a dramatic fashion. With each athlete having his own special twist on the “Jelly”, Seton Hall Freshman PG Jordan “Jelly” Walker was one of the other founders of the “Jelly”.

Many know Jelly for his viral NYC Point Guard battles at Dyckman park, or his acrobatic hoops mixtapes videos that are plastered all over YouTube. But what many people don’t know is Jelly’s freshman season has been less than perfect.

The season for Jelly started off on a great note. During Seton Hall’s exhibition games this season that were played in the Historic Walsh Gym, an on-campus 2,000 seat arena on Seton Hall’s campus, Jelly’s proved that he can electrify the crowd just as Hall fans were promised.

With a series of acrobatic dribbles and flashy passes, the crowd exploded and Seton Hall fans fell in love with Jordan and could see great things for years to come. But things don’t go according to plan.

In the next few games after the exhibition, Jelly had a lingering thumb injury that had him sidelined. All these games (Rider, NJIT, St. Peters) are times Jelly could have gained some valuable on-court experience, leading the coaches to trust him more running the offense.

When he came back on December 16th for the Garden State Hardwood Classic against Rutgers, Jordan was ready to prove himself. Jordan, a Jersey native, knew that this was a moment to prove himself in front of hometown crowd excited to see him succeed. But during the game Jordan saw 0 minutes in a surprising Seton Hall loss to Rutgers.

Directly after the game, reports came out saying that Jordan Walker will be walking away from the Seton Hall Basketball program. This decision was made behind closed doors and was seemingly an emotional choice made by Walker. Seton Hall fans wanted answers on why their freshman guard who was seemingly so passionate about the University would just walk away.

Questions about his grades and attitude towards the coaching staff arose, which some have been considered true, while other accusations were just fabrications made by members of the media. As I see it, this was just Jordan’s undeniable passion pushing through. He loves being a Pirate and wants to contribute to this team so bad. He knows that he’s a player that can make a difference, and not being given that chance really got to him.

His electric attitude and unbelievably gritty press defense is something that could have really helped Seton Hall against Rutgers. After the reports came out, the team and coach Willard spoke with Jordan and gave him the option to stay, or to walk right out the door. Jordan elected to stay, and has since been an asset to the Pirates when they need a spark off the bench. He backs up Khadeen Carrington, and provides stability and ball control at the top of the key, something that has been noted as a weakness for the Pirates.

All was going well until the January 31st game against Providence, which was Jelly’s second straight game with no minuets. This allegedly lead to an altercation between his teammates when Jordan tried to walk away from the team during the traditional singing of the Seton Hall alumna mater, an event that every player participates in after each game.

However, no reports have come out yet about the altercation since. When Willard was asked why he chose to go with Sophomore combo guard Eron Gordon at the backup point guard role, he offered a simple explanation. “”Eron Gordon gives us a very calming influence out there, plus his size defensively right now is a little bit better,” said Willard.  “He’s just a little bit simpler on offense — and that’s something with the minutes those guys (reserves) are getting, we need.”

For Seton Hall fans, hopefully this all blows over. But as of right now, they will just have to wait for Jelly to give that fire and passion the next time he sees the court.

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