Preview: Seton Hall v. #1 Villanova

Here is the latest breakdown of today’s big mach-up.

Probable line-ups:

Hall : G Carrington, G Powell, G/F Rodriguez, F Nzei, F Delgado

‘Nova: G Brunson. G DiVincenzo, F Paschall, F Spellman, F Bridges

X Factor

Hall: PG Khadeen Carrington

The key to a strong performance from the Hall this Sunday will be Khadeen Carrington. Carrington has been a great asset to the Hall over the past four seasons, but has seen a decrease in his numbers this year because of his transition from shooting guard to point guard.

Deeno has the uncanny ability to score the basketball (i.e. a 41 point game last season against Creighton), and when he gets hot, its almost impossible to stop him. A weakness of Deeno is his cold shooting streaks.

Deeno has proved to be one of the Seton Hall’s streakiest shooters, from hitting 7-11  three’s in a single game, to going 0-17 across four games. Deeno’s shooting has to be on for the Hall to come out on top.

Previous awards and accolades

Kenpom: 29

RPI- 18


Betting lines

Nova -13

Personal opinions.

For Seton Hall to come out on top, multiple things have to happen. Aside from the typical Angel Delgado double-double for the Pirates, to have a big day, sophomore shooting guard Myles “Cheese” Powell has to be an absolute offensive spark.

Considered one of the best shooters in the conference, Cheese has been shooting an unbelievable 44% from the arc. Cheese provides the Hall with one of their first pure scores since Whitehead.

The bench, which has typically been a problem for Seton Hall, also needs to step up. Myles Cale and Jordan Walker are great perimeter defenders that could be huge assets off the bench when it comes to stopping ‘Novas great perimeter shooting. Also having Cale on the floor gives the Hall a very athletic rim slashing option in their offense.

Having a big day from Ish Sanogo is also going to be huge for the Seton Hall. Sanogo is a player that always has the Pirates’ most colorful stat line, with a few boards, points, assist, blocks and rebounds that Seton Hall always counts on to be there. He’s simply one of the best defenders in the Big East. If Seton Hall plays theit matchups right on Sunday, Ish is almost guaranteed to shut them down.

Going into Philly and coming out with a win is tough in any sport, but I think a team as hot as the Hall could really make an impact this Sunday.

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